The Ultimate Cholesterol-friendly Grocery List in 2018

Healthy eating starts from stocking the right edible goods in your pantry and your refrigerator. Here is a comprehensive list that will keep your cholesterol and blood pressure in control.

Fresh fruits and vegetables: A healthy diet must necessarily comprise of atleast five servings of fiber rich fruits and vegetables which are also loaded with vitamins and minerals. Ensure you are eating fruits and vegetables of each color namely red, orange, green and yellow every day.

  • Avocadoes, berries, apples, star fruit, grapes, pears,
  • Eggplants, baby carrots, bell peppers, cauliflower, broccoli, squash, tomatoes, zucchini
  • Lettuce, bok choy, celery, kale,
  • Onions, garlic.

Dairy products: Packed with calcium necessary for the proper health of bones and teeth dairy products must be chosen wisely when you must follow a low cholesterol diet. Always choose unsweetened version of these products.

  • Non-fat or low-fat milk or 1% milk
  • Nonfat sour cream
  • Nonfat yogurt
  • Light cream cheese
  • Low fat cottage cheese and ricotta
  • Avoid all processed cheeses.

For those on a vegan diet soy milk and almond milk is a good option.

Frozen Foods: Frozen fruits and vegetables without any extra salt and sugar like blueberries, strawberries, edamame, sauces, gravies. Frozen burgers, turkey, meatballs and fish.

Meat and Poultry:  Limit your intake of fatty meats and look at healthy alternates like soya and tofu.

  • Lean meat
  • Skinless, boneless chicken breasts and tenders
  • Ground turkey
  • Fish like mackerel, salmon, trout, tuna
  • Fat trimmed pork
  • Tempeh

Pantry needs: The grains, the flour, condiments and oils and sauces also must meet the criteria for a low cholesterol diet.

  • Dry Fruits: figs, raisins, apricots, prunes and dates
  • Flours: whole wheat flour
  • Oils:extra virgin olive oil, canola oil, nonfat cooking spray
  • Condiments: all sauces and low-fat vinegar, mustard, turmeric+forskolin
  • Beans and legumes: white, garbanzo, pinto and black beans
  • Oatmeal, whole grain mix for waffles, flaxseed, wheat germ
  • Peanut butter with no added sugar
  • Canned beans, salmon
  • Grains like brown rice, bulgur wheat, quinoa.

Your health is in your grocery choices, choose wisely.