Here is how I choose where to buy my photo prints

I have always been fascinated with printing photographs:

There is something about dedicating one wall at least in the whole of the room to pictures. they can be anything like portraits, landscapes et al but what takes away the cake is having photographs of yourself and your family and also your friends. I mean look at it this way; when you put up a wall of photographs, you are actually dwelling in your memories.

The wall in my bedroom has pictures of my beau and my three children. The photo collage is a trip down the memory lane where each milestone that they have passed has been photographically documented. Besides, serving as nostalgia, it also helps preserve them longer and also what use are memories when you cannot flaunt them.

Like everyone else, I started off with printing my own photographs:

With time, I realized that printing at home was not the most viable option. The amount of ink I was wasting on every photograph was costing me a bomb. The pixel quality was okay but the paper was soggy and it took almost half of the day to dry.

Then I discovered and things have changed for the better:

I discovered this awesome website when I was browsing and then it struck me that instead of printing them on my own I could get them custom printed on this website and the best part was that it cost it me really less to print in small sizes unlike at home where ink cost was killing me.

The order form has everything preformatted:

The best feature of ordering online on their website is their pre-formatted order form which allows us button tabs to choose the required size, medium to be printed on and other details. The order form has that inbuilt receipt that gets automatically generated once the order is placed and the payment is made. The delivery status can also be traced with the reference of the order number.