Fashion Luxury Items and Why You’re Paying More For Them? 

Getting a Gucci shoulder bag cheap may mean it is fake, or has a reduced quality, this thought comes in perception as big brands have made fashion wears something that one has to break the bank for. T

he argument of quality when one buys a decent polo or shirt for an extravagant amount is quite alarming. Consumers of decent shirts are easily condemned when they actually get a shirt or branded product for a lesser amount.

However, if business models are smart and transparent then theoretically consumers should be able to get standard quality of fashion luxury items for a good and decent amount that does not have to break the bank.

Fashion luxury item like bags are majorly high priced because of the perception of brands that makes them. This notion is due to the fact that luxury fashion item producers have a lot of competition to fight and some of them plainly believe that the high price can separate their brands from others even when the materials being used for the product is gotten from the same source. However, the cost of production may have increased recently due to the fluctuation in the global economy but it still does not make it compulsory for buyers and consumers to pay 6 to 8 times to get a quality and branded bag.

Louis Vuitton’s is the number one fashion item brand around the globe with a great reputation of quality, to get a nice quality Louis Vuitton’s shoe, the company has already calculated the amount it pumps into its marketing and brand positioning and digital marketing, all these have to be paid for by the consumers and in the end it makes the product more expensive and quality remains intact.

Always remember that fashion is a statement, and the more you spend the more pronounce your statement.