Creative presents for Tweens and Teenagers

Tweens could be a difficult group to satisfy when it comes to gifting, maybe because they’re no longer little children neither are they teens yet. Teenagers may seem like the hardest people to shop for but buying gifts for 12 year old boys and girls or for tweens and could be even more dicey thanks to the hormones.  

Truth is there’s always a way to go about it and with the right gifts, you’ll be getting broad smiles from all the kids in your life. No matter what they love, be it tech, music, fashion or sports, these holiday gifts will be just perfect for your kids who are in a hurry to grow up but would still appreciate one or two cool toys.  

A hoverboard 

Getting a hover smart board for your teen is one very sweet idea they’ll always enjoy since it is one of the coolest way to get around.  

A video drone  

No matter the age, adolescents, tweens or teens, a video drone will provide quality hours of fun for all age groups  

A travel mug 

From smoothies to starbucks gifting a tween a colorful cup will keep drinks warm or cool for hours. They’ll always love it.  

A VR Headset with built-in headphones  

Teens and tweens can always escape to a 3D virtual reality all thanks to their smartphone. Better still if it has built-in headphones that make it a surreal experience. This gift will be one they’ll cherish so much.  

A wearable nail polish holder 

Art extends beyond the canvas and any crafty and fashionable tween knows that. You could help your girl make home-done pedicures and medicures easier with a sleek nail polish holder if you really want to impress her.  

Small back pack  

Small backpacks or mini bags as they’re popularly called are currently a hot trend right now. So gifting your girl one is a great idea that would mean fun and functionality for her.