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The Best Secrets to Increase Fans for Your Online Store

Growing exponentially on the digital space is dream come true:

In times of the past when SEO or Search Engine Optimisation was not all that competitive, it was easy to be in the top rated search. Those days intelligent and fancy content made the cut. But in times like today, where everyone is vying for space and attention on the internet, it makes so much more sense to chart out a good strategy before you say the word go!

In a recent research and an amalgamated survey, it was revealed that social media has aced the race in being able to get the maximum eyeballs. Around 58 percent of organic traffic from social media has it from Facebook alone at 48 percent. That’s a whopping number.

No wonder that businesses are outdoing each other on setting up pages on this microblogging site and in no time we have had millions of active pages all vying for attention.

That it is one of the best platforms in social media is indisputable. Surveys after surveys have shown that most of the online business has been as a result of people coming to know about the product or the service from Facebook and then getting to learn more about it from the link provided therein.

I also had a similar experience in the first part of the month:

I wanted to buy soundcloud likes and I went through a Facebook link. It never once occurred to me then that I was using it to learn about something which I would eventually invest in. that says it all, doesn’t it?

Organic reach versus paid reach:

This proportion has to be a positive eon. Both the approaches work well. However, the organic customers are the ones that will, in the long run, help you survive. The paid reach is a good way to influence organic customers into thinking that you are already a popular brand. So, it works both ways.