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How Not To Overspend On Your Christmas Shopping – A Complete Guide

That lovely time of the year again!

Oh, how I love the festive season. There is something magical about this time. I love to see everyone ion their best and with their closest and everyone so happy and content.

The time for giving and sharing and making others happy and in turn becoming happy!

Presents are exchanged and everyone is in such a great mood!!

Every year I have been celebrating this season especially with great gusto and cheer but there is something that I would love to do differently this year.

No, it’s not about being less merry and having little less fun, it is about mindfully managing my finance so that the days after Christmas are as gleeful as the season itself.

The retailer’s best season!

Christmas apparently is also the best time of the year for the retailers who love to save their best offers for this time. They are constantly bombarding their patrons with hard to resist offers and I know that like every year I am likely to overspend more than I want.

It is the big expenses alright but you know what really burns a hole in the pockets? The smaller expenses!


You see, we keep thinking that it is, after all, a small amount and then we go completely overboard buying so much more of it unmindfully that the cumulative effect on your wallet or credit card is going to be disastrous.

I remember last years when I was suicidal when I opened my credit card bill!

I almost died!!

This time, I am going to make a list of the people I need to make happy and exactly what I would like to treat them with. In a column next to it, I intend drawing up a budget and even though it is not a hard and fast figure, I am sure it will keep me grounded and not let me get carried away.

In the rare circumstance that I do get carried away, the list can be useful in helping me to compensate it with other entries. You see, I have tried doing this with household expenses like groceries where I do a similar list and then carry coupons that I religiously cut from CouponoBox. It works wonders. You also can save money at Couponobox. Try it once; you will come back here to thank me!!