Best Synthetic Urine: How It Works and Where to Buy it?

Sometimes in life, we tend to make mistakes, very often in our college days that can affect our future severely. College days are carefree and this is when you try out new and different things with your friends. You might consume something that is not good for your health and neither for your urine tests. Reports show that a vast number of urine tests show traces of drugs and other illegal substances. And so people are opting for other ways to avoid getting caught in urine and blood tests. There are many options available in the market one of which using synthetic urine. Here is how it works and where to buy it.

How does it work?

Taking up a urine test is always stressful, especially if you had something inappropriate substance in the past few days which can result in some issues. But there is nothing to worry as you can manipulate your tests and pass with synthetic urine.

The synthetic urine is fake urine that can be used as human urine. The human urine has one important component without which anyone can detect it as fake urine. This component is urea. Many companies use uric acid in synthetic urine, but real human urine contains urea so use good quality synthetic urine to pass your urine test.

Another important factor that determines human urine is its temperature. The temperature of urine when it leaves our body is usually between 94-96 degree Fahrenheit. Hence synthetic urine you are going to use should have the right temperature to be passed on as the real one.

Where to buy the best synthetic urine?

You can find a variety of synthetic urines in the market, but it is important to buy good quality urine that can pass as real one, else it would be a very embarrassing experience for you if it is found fake. Check for urine making kits that come with a thermometer, a mixing container and a warmer that can create good quality synthetic urine easily.