10 Mindful Holiday Gift Ideas That Your Kids Will Actually Enjoy

The gifts that you choose to present to your kids for their holidays need not be expensive. They should, however, be creative like on Doodlebuckets and be something that can engage your kid for hours together.


Blocks are meant for all ages. Gift a set as per the age of your child and see how it helps him stay engaged for hours. It will also let the child get creative and improve his motor skills.

DIY kits

There are many DIY kits that you can purchase and gift your child during their holidays. This is a great way to keep them engaged and they also learn new things in the process.


Books are the best gift that you can think of gifting your child. Choose a gift as per the age and interest of the child.

Pretend playsets

If your child is of an age where he would love to have a pretend play set then this is the right gift for him. Buy a pretend play set and sees how your child starts imagining and getting into the character.

An outdoor park

Gifts may not just be materialistic. You could also gift your child a day in a fun park. It allows bonding and lets your child enjoy the day.

Material for non-fire cooking

You could gift some materials to your child and ask him to prepare a dish for you. Make sure that the items can be eaten raw and that the child does not have to use fire to prepare them.

Steam activities

Buy a science or an engineering kit and let your child try his hands on the team activities and learn its application.


Craft kits are also a great gift and your child gets thrilled at the final product.

Astay in a resort

Why not book a stay in a resort and let your child enjoy the day in a new environment.

A date

Go on a dinner date with your kid. Go along with your child and enjoy the moment.